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Michelle Cézanne, born in Frankfurt Main Germany, has lived in Monaco since January 2009. Her clients portfolio consists of yacht owners, captains, hotels, architects and private clients.


Visits on site help best, to understand the taste and lifestyle of each client. We sell and consult our clients online. We deliver in time and within budget.

We offer furniture and interior decoration as well as textiles. Exclusive custom built products. We specialize in sustainable goods. 

Close cooperation with family owned companies, especially in Europe, are essential to the longevity of our products and business relationships.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Mcinterieur Monaco About us

You order. We deliver.


“Make a change in our near future” Michelle Cézanne, Partner of Prince Albert II         Foundation’s Wood Forever Pact

“My sources of inbuilt wooden furniture are chosen very carefully and retail products are not purchased if they do not origin from a certified sustainable area.”

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Mcinterieur Monaco About us
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